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A Caring Source for Yogis Since 2014

  Ningbo Virson Sporting Goods Co., Ltd was founded in 2014, specializing in production yoga mat, yoga massage ball,yoga block,yoga wheel,yoga swing and yoga ball. We is committed to providing high-quality products in the industry at reasonable prices, and striving for people to enjoy life and health.

  We have long-term cooperation with many brand manufacturers, with strong production capacity to meet the production needs of various orders. At the same time, we can customize it according to your needs. You will enjoy a perfect after-sales team and a VIP experience.


Home Fitness Yoga private label sweat absorbing non-slip eco PU+ natural rubber yoga mat

$ 32.16including freight cost

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Ningbo Virson High Density Eco-Friendly Custom Print NBR Yoga Mat

$ 20Free shipping

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Virson Wholesale anti-slip custom printing blackpurplepink Rubber yoga mat

$ 34Free shipping

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Laser Engraving Printed Natural Rubber Bottom Jute Top Yoga Mat

$ 36.3Free shipping

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   We independently developed TPE yoga mat,with non-toxic,no smell,eco-friendly,anti-slip advantages,at the same time we also developed foam roller,yoga block,balance pad,yoga ball, yoga stretch strap and so on yoga equipments.

Hot Products Recommend

Yoga Hammock Full Set Anti-Gravity Aerial Yoga Hammock 

$ 51.6Free shipping

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Loops Flexibility Polyester Stretching Strap Multiple Grip Elastic Yoga Band

$ 16Free shipping

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Virson Relax Muscle Fitness Exercise PVC Peanut Massage Ball Spiky

$ 7.1Free shipping

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Ningbo Virson Factory Wholesale Different Colors Back Training Yoga Wheel

$ 37Free shipping

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Home Yoga Pilates Exercise Custom Printed Antiburst Pvc Yoga Ball

$ 19.68Free shipping

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VIRSON Natural Soft Organic Non-Slip Cork Yoga Block 


$ 20.56Free shipping

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Virson Spiky Massage Ball For Muscle Massage

$ 6.8Free shipping

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Gym Fitness Sand Filled Soft Pvc Weight Yoga Ball

$ 16.99Free shipping

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